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February 6, 7 & 8, 2019

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  • Bente Gortworst Chair
  • Saqar Khaleefah Deputy-Chair


  • Sebastiaan Moesker Russian Federation
  • Emma Leonie Fähndrich Saudi Arabia
  • Ielaana Kashmour Russian Federation
  • Simon Karlsson United States of America
  • Molly Moalim United States of America
  • Vanessa Colik United Kingdom
  • Nils Lüpke United Kingdom
  • Donna Nederpelt South Korea
  • Dagmar Oldemans South Korea
  • Karolina Ruiz Rogelj France
  • Diana Turnage France
  • Florian Cascino Germany
  • Sergio Abdoelrazak Germany
  • Chiara Bieche Saudi Arabia
  • Manisha Sukhraj Mexico
  • Flavia Done Mexico
  • Neri Weevers Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • Floris Fokker Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • Carlos González DR Congo
  • Sandra Lázaro DR Congo
  • Mirte van Dijk China
  • Vincent Roumimper China
  • Vlad Popa Israel
  • Clarice Tany Israel
  • Marielle Meijboom Canada
  • Ties van der Linden Canada
  • Nicolas Reynier Turkey
  • Benjamin Vial Turkey
  • Ferrie Hamer Brazil
  • Sander Erkelens Brazil
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Crisis Committee

The crisis committee is a committee for more experienced delegates. Delegates are challenged to respond quickly and decisively to dramatic political, social, or environmental events. In this committee you will not have the opportunity to prepare long before the conference and a massive crisis can happen any moment. These events (or 'crises') become more intense and interconnected during the course of the conference, possibly culminating in large-scale disasters by the end of the day, unless delegates are able to prevent them. The delegates debate and create resolutions ad-hoc.


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