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February 6, 7 & 8, 2019

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  • Quinten Pijpers Deputy-Chair
  • Eva van der Windt Chair


  • Zaga Kensert Forsman Australia
  • Fabian Grob United States of America
  • Jael Meyer Myanmar
  • Trisha Gazheli Poland
  • Lyric Harris Canada
  • Donna Mao Central African Republic
  • Andrea Vremis Belgium
  • Kaley van der Perk China
  • Edith Jansen Brazil
  • Moska Nazir South Korea
  • Petter Reijalt Bangladesh
  • Solana Avena Italy
  • Efren Ynzenga Morocco
  • Gonzalo Martínez Republic of Moldova
  • Laura de Meij van Streefkerk South Africa
  • Jack van der Linden Haiti
  • Floor Smits France
  • Yaël Winkler United Kingdom
  • Arman Cinar Kenya
  • Cecile Simao Israel
  • Sanjana Gajadin Russian Federation
  • Grace Harding Nigeria
  • Esther van den Bulk Finland
  • Amke Schiks Fairclough Ukraine
  • Sander de Jong Egypt
  • Lilly-Kristin Bodes Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • Corlien Douma Mexico
  • Thijs de Ruijter Iraq
  • Shanoja Manbodh Liberia
  • Xanthe Drabbels Japan
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GA 4: Special Political and Decolonization

The Special Political and Decolonization committee or often abbreviated as SPECPOL is one of the main bodies in the United Nations. The Fourth committee deals with all issues related to decolonization and the rights and self determination of people who live in Non-Self-Governing-Territories. While there are only a few official colonies remaining, the significance of SPECPOL is still there since there are various territories which are controversial (such as the North Pole) and indigenous people who are in need of protection.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • The question of preventing an arms race in outer space

    There are no questions for this issue.

  • The question of protecting Rohingya refugees in Myanmar and Bangladesh

    There are no questions for this issue.

  • The question of improving development in the Palestinian Territories

    There are no questions for this issue.

  • The question of stopping the territorial dispute in Western Sahara between the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and Morocco

    There are no questions for this issue.

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