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Global Mayors Forum

In October 2015 the first inaugural meeting of the Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) was held in Bristol and London. About 100 mayors from all over the world gathered to discuss global challenges that every world city faces and that can best be solved together. The GPM is an initiative of professor Benjamin Barber, author of the book 'If Mayors would rule the world' and is based on the premises that the mayors of the megacities in the world maybe are better equipped to deal with the global challenges on a local level than countries. MUNA contacted the GPM team of professor Barber to share our enthusiasm about their initiative and to propose to run a simulation of a Global Mayors committee at MUNA. The GPM team were excited about our initiative. In order to avoid any confusion between the real GPM and our simulation, we changed the name a bit in the Global Mayors Forum (GMF). The MUNA staff would like to thank professor Barber and his team for their enthusiasm and support.

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  • The question of limiting damage and casualties during natural disasters

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  • The question of securing safety in public places during the threat of terrorist attacks

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