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Addressing the conflict in Yemen and the situation of the Houthi Rebels

Issue in Security Council

In 1990, North and South Yemen were officially united, forming the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (DPRY). This unitary state marked the end of the civil war between North Yemen and the communist South Yemen. Unfortunately, this fragile equilibrium was shattered during the Arab Spring, which started in 2011. The state was torn apart, and since then, Yemen has been in an increasingly unstable and frail condition.

It is one of the worst current conflicts and humanitarian crises. Having been going on for about three years, the fighting caused more than 10,000 deaths, left more than 40,000 people injured and struck 80% of the population with food, with 4,5 million people needing treatment for malnutrition immediately.

Apart from the humanitarian catastrophe, Yemen is of international relevance due to its strategic location in the Gulf of Aden and its role in the power struggle between IS and opposing forces led by the United States of America and Saudi Arabia. The situation is too dangerous for the inhabitants and the UN Security Council must do all to resolve the situation



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