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The question of child pornography through the dark web

Issue in GA 1: Disarmament and International Security

The dark web is part of the World Wide Web that cannot be accessed freely. During the last few years the number of users has grown immensely. Especially in the United States of America, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Ukraine, France, the United Kingdom, China, Iran, the Netherlands, Canada and Indonesia. All users have different reasons for accessing the dark web. Some simply use it because they prefer to stay anonymous whilst doing legal things on the Internet. But others use it to commit illegal crimes. Since accessing the dark web requires configurations and specific software or authorization before you can access it, they are a safe haven for cyber criminals. It is nearly impossible to trace the users of the dark web and therefore has led to it becoming an illicit marketplace. On the dark web, you can find people who sell illegal firearms, narcotics, counterfeit money, hitmen, child pornography and more. According to a study of Tor ‘hidden services’ by the University of Portsmouth, more than 80% of the dark web is used to view child pornography. For this issue, this is what we would like you to focus on.



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