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The question of combating sexual assault and abuse by UN Peacekeepers

Issue in GA 3: Environmental, Humanitarian and Health Issues

In 2016, the UN reported 41 cases of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers. Some girls become pregnant and others became infected by disease. The soldier always leaves and denies what happened. Their headquarters as well, deny everything. The women who report their abuser are often ignored and have even said in interviews that they have now given up on reporting. The men who sexually abuse women are a big threat to the UN’s credibility, which is one of the reasons why the issue has to be solved.

A possible solution that was suggested by activists is to give gender training to the UN peacekeepers and provide awareness on HIV and AIDS. Another possibility is to increase the number of women in the peacekeeping forces. Both solutions have been included in a resolution in the United Nations but the issue has still not been resolved.

It is now up to the General Assembly 3 to come up with solutions that will solve this issue. A possible solution could be that an increase in the number of female peacekeepers is encouraged through the offering of financial rewards when women are hired. The UN could also assist countries by helping with training women. Furthermore, the UN can improve on helping the victims. It should be easier to report sexual abuse so the men can be punished more easily.

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