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The question of combating urban environmental problems

Issue in Global Mayors Forum

Now, more than ever, the environment is in urgent need of quick decision making and the creation of solutions for combatting environmental problems. The mean sea level has been rising, the world is being faced with extreme weather conditions and the air quality is slowly but surely deteriorating. These issues need a quick solution. Instead of thinking big, we should start on a smaller scale: in the cities. The cities form the biggest threat to the continuation of environmental damage, due to their dense populations. The aspects of this issue, that cities should therefore focus on prevention, involve air pollution, waste management and water pollution. Our climate is changing drastically and the consequences of climate change are determining the course of our daily routines more and more: it is time for change. Facts have shown that temperatures will only continue to rise, precipitation patterns will continue to alter, there will be an increase in droughts and heat waves and the sea level will rise by 1-4 feet in the next century. If we do not change our current ways of dealing with these negative developments, the consequences will be irreversible and inevitable.

It is your, the delegates of the Global Mayors Forum, task to combat this dreadful issue together and help save your cities and the world from the incoming consequences of urban environmental problems.

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