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The question of developing long-term measures to tackle natural disasters

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The Caribbean, Central America and the United States have to deal with strong hurricanes. Floodings in Africa and South Asia can cause severe damage. Nepal, Haïti, Mexico and many other countries have fallen victim to earthquakes that have wreaked havoc. These are all examples of the many natural disasters that can damage whole nations and economies. Therefore long-term measures need to be undertaken to tackle such natural disasters and their effects.

After a natural disaster, a lot of aid workers and money are needed to provide food, shelter, water, and sanitation and hygiene facilities for all the victims, especially in third-world countries. Developing nations are badly prepared for natural disasters and mostly rely on industries which are often severely affected by natural disasters. Such industries include tourism, agriculture and fisheries. Therefore natural disasters do not only destroy the infrastructure of countries, but it is also extremely bad for their economies.

Possible measures that can be taken are reconstruction programs, so the economies and infrastructure of ruined areas can recover fast. Moreover, investing in a higher quality of housing may even avoid the devastation left by natural disasters. Also making preparations in advance, which may include early warning signals and early action, can prevent deaths and destruction. Another long-term measure that can be discussed is the question of solving the issue of climate change, since climate change results in extreme weather events.

Helpful links and documents: (to see whether your delegation has a high risk of natural disasters you can look at the world risk index)



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