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The question of enhancing sustainable tourism in developing countries

Issue in Economic and Social Council

Tourism in developing countries - is it harmful or helpful? At present, tourism can be both. It can destroy nature, but it can also help economies grow. The way in which we can make tourism helpful, is by enhancing sustainable tourism.

Sustainable tourism means that tourism has positive effects on the natural and cultural environment. This means that sustainable tourism will provide jobs, generate income, promote cross-cultural awareness and protect the environment. In developing countries, tourism can be a great opportunity to create new jobs and economic stability.

Countries can generate sustainable tourism by providing periodic training and guidance for workers in the tourist industry and by putting laws in place to protect tourist sites. Developed countries can also help developing countries in the process of enhancing sustainable tourism by providing education about tourism and sustainability. Furthermore, tourists should be made aware of the effects of their behaviour in developing countries.

Sources and helpful documents: (I suggest reading the policy recommendations for ideas for your resolutions)



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