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The question of improving development in the Palestinian Territories

Issue in GA 4: Special Political and Decolonization

In 1948 the United Nations signed a Partition Plan for Palestine, which recommended the creation of two new states in Palestine, a Jewish state and an Arabic state, with Jerusalem under international regime. Arab leaders rejected the plan at the time but the Jewish leaders signed the treaty. In 1949 the Jewish Agency declared the territory the State of Israel and decades of wars have followed since.

When talking about the Palestinian Territories, we are referring to the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the Eastern part of Jerusalem. Since the Palestinian Territories signed the Palestinian Declaration of independence (1998) 135 United Nation member states have recognised the State of Palestine.

With Israel spending 18 billion dollars on their military every year and suicide bombing extremists attacking the State of Israel, the General Assembly is called upon to improve development for all of the parties involved.



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