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The question of preventing police brutality against civilians

Issue in Global Mayors Forum

Police Force: a constituted body of persons empowered by a state to enforce the law, protect property, and limit civil disorder. This definition suggests that police officers are here to protect civilians and ensure that the laws are followed. However, recently there have been cases in which civilians question the intentions of the police force when taking measures against alleged crimes, and question whether the police was following the law. In America alone in 2017, around 900 civilians were shot by the police, of which it is thought that several were unnecessary. This police misconduct has caused a big uproar among the citizens who question if these interventions were truly required or not. Policy brutality then also often correlates with discrimination and ulterior motives. It is thought that ethnicity and background plays a role in the police’s decision to take action or not, and how extreme these measures are. However, to what extent do civilians have the right to defend themselves when they feel they are treated unfairly? How much power do the police get?

It is the delegates’ task to determine this boundary, and what the consequences will be when these boundaries are crossed. Also think about the ethnical difficulties that are presented with this issue. It is your chance to make a change for your citizens and prevent further injustice done to civilians by the police.

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