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The question of sexual abuse on victims by UN workers

Issue in GA 2: Human Rights

Historically, United Nations peacekeepers have been protected from prosecution when carrying out peacekeeping duties because they have been granted  ‘immunity.’ Immunity allows peacekeepers to carry out their duties without being prosecuted by the governments of UN member countries.

However, many peacekeepers protected by immunity have been found to abuse this privilege, by sexually harassing and assaulting those they are sent to help. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to this.

There is, however, no current system in place to prosecute the perpetrators of sexual assault, many of whom are in positions of trust. Victims have no way of coming forward and whilst many high-profile accusations have been made, there have been no prosecutions.

In the past 15 years, over 1700 allegations of sexual abuse have been made, however, due to the difficulty in reporting an incident, many more are suspected.



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