Next Muna conference   February 17-18, 2022

A Conference That Cares


We proudly present this year's staff:

External Department

Deputy Secretary-General External

Saghar Absardi

Registration Manager

Pascale van Casteren

Head of Excursion and Transportation

Sharlene Rojas, Mila Agustiadi & Trianny Garces Aragon

Housing Manager

Anna Christians


Financial Department

Head of Finances and Relations

Emil Wilinski

Financial Manager

Merel Speckens


Internal Department

Deputy Secretary General Internal

Sophie van der Burgh

Head of Admins

Carmen Eckhardt & Maya Hakenkruger

Head of Catering 

Olivia van Dieten

Head of Party

Sharlene Rojas, Mila Agustiadi & Trianny Garces Aragon

Head of Charity

Pela Ahmed


International Relations Department

Head of International Relations

Floor Speckens

International Relations Manager

Sarina Louise Jo


Media Department

Head of Media and Press Team

Pela Ahmed

Head of Film, Design and Video

Dolf van der Hert

Head of MUNAgezine

Pela Ahmed


Dolf van der Hert


PGA Department

President of the General Assembly

Suzanne van den Bent


Aiden van Zutphen & Dion van Santen

Head of Special Conference

Mare Bogaarts, Menno Bloembergen & Robine Kooiman

Head of Approval Panel

Jette Rutten


Pre-MUN department

PRE-MUN manager

Aiden van Zutphen & Maartje Meijers


Conference Manager

Secretary General