Next Muna conference   February 15-17 2023

A conference that cares


MUNA is a chance for both beginners and experienced debaters to participate in dynamic debates and discussions about global issues. Curious to find out what it is like to be part of the United Nations? Looking for a challenge? Then MUNA is the conference for you!

Are you a beginner? Or is this your first MUN conference? MUNA offers extensive (online) training for those who are in need of it.

What do you need to do if you would like to participate with your school in MUNA? First of all, get your teacher as enthusiastic for MUNA as you are! When your teacher decides to apply your school for MUNA, they will need to fill out the form on the right and click on ‘send’. It is as simple as that. Shortly afterwards your teacher will be informed of whether or not your school is admitted to MUNA.

MUNA is honoured to have so many enthusiastic participants. However, due to the limited amount of places and because we want to enhance the international dimension of the conference, we have decided to no longer admit any more schools from the Netherlands.

Conference Fee

The conference fee for MUNA is 40 euros per student and per teacher (MUN-director). This fee includes admission to the conference, lunches and admission to the MUNA party on Wednesday evening. 

The excursion to The Hague for students from abroad will cost an extra 20 euros per student and per teacher.

  • This is the name of the person that will be contacted.
  • The number of students with which your school wishes to participate