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MUNA 2016 goes Glocal with new committee

June 14th 2015

In October 2015 the first inaugral meeting of the Global Parliament of Mayors (photo, from a prep meeting) will take place in Bristol and London. About 100 mayors from all over the world will gather to discuss global challenges that every worldcity faces and that can best be solved together.

After the meeting the mayors from the most important and fastly growing worldcities will travel to MUNA to represent their city in the first MUNA Global Mayors Forum.  Will they be able to solve global challenges that every worldcity faces together? Will the mayors of the worlds megacities be the worldleaders of the future as professor Barber suggests in his widely acclaimed book: ‘If  mayors would rule the world’?

MISSION STATEMENT from the website:
“The Global Parliament of Mayors is a new political and civic institution by, for, and of cities: mayors convening to identify and pursue in common the public goods of urban citizens around the world through a new global governance platform deploying collective urban political power that manifests the right of cities to govern themselves, and their responsibility to do so by contributing viable cross-border solutions to global challenges that are also municipal challenges. In an era of interdependence, where nation states have become dysfunctional and cities are everywhere rising, it is time to take the visionary leap from effective local governance to true global governance.”

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, Chair Inaugral GPM October 2015  
“The Global Parliament of Mayors is an unprecedented new movement in global governance based on Barber’s premise that city Mayors are in many ways closer to the challenges that face the world than national governments.”

We have contacted the team of the Global Mayors Parliament of professor Barber and they are excited about the MUNA initiative. Because the GPM is a new initiative they asked us to use a slightly different name to avoid any confusion. Our new committee is therefore not called the GPM but the Global Mayors Forum (GMF).

We would like to thank professor Benjamin Barber and his team for their enthusiasm and support. With the new Global Mayors Forum MUNA goes glocal!