Next Muna conference   February 15-17 2023

A conference that cares

Charity: Street Survivors India

During the conference there will be several ways to support the charity. All money raised during the conference will be donated to the StreetSurvivorsIndia organisation.

StreetSurvivorsIndia is an organisation based in rural India. The organisation organizes several projects for the education and economic development. The organisation is directed by social activist Shabnam Ramaswamy.

Some of these projects include:

 - A school for students from poor families where they are taught English; Jagriti public School, Murshidabad, India.

- A project where women can make traditional clothing, sell it and get to keep a part of the profit. This project is done so that women can economically empower themselves.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic a lot of day labourers lost their jobs. The organization started a foodbank to feed these people and their families.

The theme of this year’s MUNA conference is ‘Rebuilding The Future’. this charity's support of the education of disadvantaged students and its support of the economical independence of women is perfect for this theme. This charity aims on projects based on improving a lot of different aspects for the future of underdeveloped communities in rural India.