Next Muna conference   February 15-17 2023

A conference that cares

MUNA 2018 supports The Hague Peace Projects

MUNA 2018 has collaborated with The Hague Peace projects. Former MUNA keynote speakers Jakob de Jonge and Sylvestre Bwira started this new initiative, together with other experts in the fields of Conflict, Peace and Justice.

The mission of the Hague Peace Projects is "to contribute to peaceful solutions to (armed) conflicts by providing relevant information to decision makers and the wider public about the root causes of these conflicts. By researching, analyzing and clarifying the often complex contexts and realities of (armed) conflicts, the Hague Peace Projects will assist and encourage actors on all levels to take the necessary actions that lead to conflict resolution and eventually peace."

The MUNA staff fully supports the mission of the Hague Peace projects and together we have decided to use the money raised to support one of their peace building projects in Eastern Congo.

We are proud to have welcomed Yousif as keynote speaker during the opening ceremony of MUNA 2018.

Two Lives, One World. Between Conflict and Peace.

The Hague Peace Projects and Alfrink College proudly present a documentary that shines a human light on living in conflict areas and that shows how we all can help to contribute to peace.

What ?

The documentary shows a week in the lives of two girls. One girl living in Zoetermeer and attending Alfrink College and one living in the Democratic Republic of Congo and attending a secondary school in Goma.


The goal of the documentary is to show how the two lives differ and connect at the same time. In doing so it becomes clearer what it is like to live in a conflict area. Moreover, because the viewer can identify with the two characters, bridges are built and questions are raised about what we all can do to work towards a peaceful world.