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MUNA and Humanity House

An eye-opening experience for students

Since the Humanity House opened its doors MUNA and Alfrink College have found their way to this special museum in the Hague. Humanity House offers an opportunity to teachers and their pupils to engage in an interactive tour and experience what it is like to be a refugee, to discuss global humanitarian issues, to visit temporary exhibitions and to do several workshops. The visits to Humanity House have opened the eyes of our students and guests.

MUNA excursion

The last two years the MUNA staff, in close cooperation with the staff of Humanity House,  plan an excursion to Humanity House during MUNA. This excursion is scheduled for Tuesday morning in the MUNA week. During the excursion Alfrink students and the students from abroad discuss human rights issues with a human rights defender or another expert on one or more topics that will be discussed during the MUNA conference. On this page you can read more information about Humanity House. You are invited to contact the staff of Humanity House to arrange a tour, a workshop or discuss a tailor mate programme.

Humanity House education platform

Since 2006, primary and secondary schools are required to promote global citizenship. Our education department provides inspiring and informative lessons in citizenship. What is it like to be forced to flee? How complex is it to provide emergency relief? And will pupils succeed in negotiating a peace settlement? These are some of the issues addressed in the education material offered by the Humanity House or in collaboration with partners.

Living in peace and freedom is uncertain and should never be taken for granted, as we see during disasters and conflicts. With our educational programmes we enhance understanding of humanitarian themes and generate discussion about them so that everybody is aware of the choices we make in relation to peace and safety in the world. The Humanity House wants to give global citizenship a place in Dutch education – from primary schooling to university learning. We do this by offering teachers tools to encourage children and youths learn more about the world.

Humanity House

Prinsegracht 8

2512 GA Den Haag


Humanity House

The Humanity House is a museum that lets you experience what it’s like to live through a disaster or conflict and explores related themes in temporary exhibitions. The Humanity House also provides a platform, a place of encounter for people, organisations and agencies that deal with humanitarian themes. Moreover, our education programmes explain global problems to children and young adults.

In 2012 The MUNA staff had a meeting with Russian Human Rights lawyer Magamed Abubakarov in Humanity House The Hague

In November 2014 Alfrink College students from 3 TVWO spoke with a former refugee from Afghanistan in the Humanity House. The former refugee is also a staff member of Humanity House. She did a great job in explaining to our students what it is like when you have to leave your home country and start a new life in a strange country far away.