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A conference that cares

IEM MUN - 10th & 11th October 2020

"The struggle to improve oneself, the struggle to reach new goals, the struggle to reach not only the standards but also the expectations continues as the awareness about the world appears to be of utmost importance."

Last year IEM held its 6th edition of MODEL UNITED NATIONS which was a great success. But this year we didn’t stop here. That’s not what we do. We see ourselves improving every year step by step. People often resist doing the same thing but doing the same thing differently is what sets us apart. This is what we aim for. Giving people a stage to speak, to learn from the mistakes they make, to get over the fear and to let them know everything has a first time. You need to walk before you run. Thus an experience is always needed. What is important is taking part and not always winning. Gaining experience, from renowned MUNners, and then preparing yourself, learning is what we aim for. The experience that the delegates gain throughout the conference would be what they would take back along with wonderful memories. Hours of deliberation aided with diplomacy enhances an individual’s prowess. Holding onto the legacy, rather enhancing more, IEMMUN’s theme itself suggests it’s not a Resolution that can be broken but a Revolution. With this we come to our 7th international edition of e-MUN by IEM where it’s not a Resolution but a Revolution, a non-profit organisation. We are, for the first time, taking up the online platform, due to Covid-19 scenario. But as the saying goes looking on the bright side, we learn how to organise and conduct it online! We would really be obliged and glad if you recognise our work, taking into account the present scenario. Thank You!"