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February 20, 21 & 22, 2018
A conference that cares

Welcome by the Secretary General

Dear Delegates, Student Officers, MUN-directors and esteemed guests,

It is my great honour and privilege, and on behalf of the staff, to welcome you to the 2017 Alfrink Model United Nations Conference in our twelfth year.

Last year’s MUNA passed with flying colours; it was a great success. Each and every year, there is this pressure to outdo the previous conference. However, I believe that every MUNA has its own special composition of flying colours; its own special way of succeeding. Just as the Conference Manager, Carlijn told me: “It’s not whether the conference succeeds that counts, but how it succeeds. This makes each conference unique.” It is a pleasure to help organise MUNA 2017 together with the MUNA staff. The decisions made by the staff ensure a different MUNA each year. The way in which small improvements are made or recurring problems are solved makes each MUNA original. Together, we spend a whole year building up to the three-day conference. This process not only helps us realise our full potential, but more importantly, it allows us to gain experience of working as part of a team. It is this balance between satisfying our personal goals as well as our collective goals that forms the foundation of MUNA.

MUNA’s motto has always been, “A conference that cares”. It is our goal to be more than just a conference for debating.  We want to offer up new experiences for everyone as they meet and make new friends. We hope to not only be a three-day conference, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all involved. With this in mind, I am glad to announce this year’s MUNA theme: “A voice in the crowd”. During MUNA debate, we will often discuss current issues that are happening as we speak. However, there is sometimes just so much information to process that we forget to listen to the personal stories behind these events. Sometimes, we tend to focus more on the problem and forget the people themselves. This year, we urge you to think about the reason why we discuss these issues. The reason we debate is to listen to the voices that sometimes get lost in the crowd, to speak up for those people who often find themselves embroiled in a conflict that is not of their own making.

Almost everyone who visits MUNA comes from a country that has its own rich history. In that history, almost every country has experienced conflict in their own way. It might have been international or local, but what matters is that in any one of them, there were people crying for help and their voices were ignored. Even now, it is important to listen to these stories. Listening to these voices in the crowd helps you develop a better understanding and compassion for one another. Moreover, it helps you form a well-structured opinion about a conflict.

Listening and speaking are two sides of the same coin. Let your voice be heard as well and do not let your voice get lost in the crowd. I encourage you to take this opportunity to speak up for yourself and challenge yourself. Only by overcoming obstacles, does one learn to grow as a person. It is about how you conquer your struggles that makes you unique.

So when debating, I sincerely hope that all delegates will remember why they are discussing these global issues. Everyone can play a part but getting the right balance between individual effort and team work is what will make the difference.

On behalf of the entire staff, I wish you the best of luck and strongly encourage you to make the most of MUNA 2017.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Guo

Secretary General


Alfrink College






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Impression MUNA 2017

Short film, made by Claudia Roelfsema

"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness".  Chinese Proverb

While discussing global issues we should not forget the people whose everyday lives are affected by the topics that are on the MUNA agenda. We will do our best to give the people behind the statistics a face and a voice during the conference. 

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We hope to welcome you to MUNA!

Projects & partners

MUNA Partners

In the last ten years MUNA has worked together with several organisations in preparation for the conference. We are very grateful for the support we have received so far and look forward to continue our collaboration in the coming years.

In the blog entries on the right you can find more information about our partners and MUNA projects as well as the latest information about the conference.

We hope that other schools will also find their way to the exciting eductional programmes our partners have on offer. Examples are the programmes of Humanity House in the Hague and the talks of Human Rights Defenders organised by Justitia et Pax .

Since 2015 MUNA joins the initiative of Join the Pipe . We were inspired by the initiative of this growing social network of water tap drinkers to promote access to clean drinking water for everyone on this earth. Have a look at the video on the partnerspage about Join the Pipe here .

MUNA supports grassroots development projects such as Burma Children and  Street Survivors India . The MUNA staff works closely together with the people running the projects locally. In the coming years we hope to extend our contacts and projects. We will keep you updated about all our activities via our website.

In 2016 the MUNA staff collaborates with the Hague Peace projects in a film project you can read about on this page .

A big thank you goes out to our sponsors as well. We can't organize MUNA without their support.  Especially Fonds 1818 has been a big support for us. On the sponsor page you can see a list of our sponsors.

If you would like to sponsor MUNA as well or if you would like to collaborate with MUNA, please contact us via the site.

Background information

Find us on YouTube! - MUNA 2017

January 16th 2017

Dear delegates, student officers, MUN-directors and esteemed guests, We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have a YouTube channel on which we will upload instructional videos to help all delegates with their preparations for the ... Read more

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