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February 21, 22 & 23, 2017
A conference that cares

MUNA 2017: 'A voice in the Crowd'.

MUNA 2017 will be organized on Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd of February 2017. Invitations have been send to participating schools of last year, including the possibility to apply for a position as Chair or be a member of the Press team. Contact your MUN director for all information. There is still some room for new schools from abroad. Please apply via this site. After the summerholiday we will upload the site with all new info about MUNA 2017.

On behalf of the MUNA staff 2017 I wish everybody a great summer holiday!

Linda Guo

Secretary General

MUNA 2017







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"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness".  Chinese Proverb

While discussing global issues we should not forget the people whose everyday lives are affected by the topics that are on the MUNA agenda. We will do our best to give the people behind the statistics a face and a voice during the conference. 

Impression MUNA 2016

Short film, made by Olivia Meng






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We hope to welcome you to MUNA!

Projects & partners

MUNA Partners

In the last ten years MUNA has worked together with several organisations in preparation for the conference. We are very grateful for the support we have received so far and look forward to continue our collaboration in the coming years.

In the blog entries on the right you can find more information about our partners and MUNA projects as well as the latest information about the conference.

We hope that other schools will also find their way to the exciting eductional programmes our partners have on offer. Examples are the programmes of Humanity House in the Hague and the talks of Human Rights Defenders organised by Justitia et Pax .

Since 2015 MUNA joins the initiative of Join the Pipe . We were inspired by the initiative of this growing social network of water tap drinkers to promote access to clean drinking water for everyone on this earth. Have a look at the video on the partnerspage about Join the Pipe here .

MUNA supports grassroots development projects such as Burma Children and  Street Survivors India . The MUNA staff works closely together with the people running the projects locally. In the coming years we hope to extend our contacts and projects. We will keep you updated about all our activities via our website.

In 2016 the MUNA staff collaborates with the Hague Peace projects in a film project you can read about on this page .

A big thank you goes out to our sponsors as well. We can't organize MUNA without their support.  Especially Fonds 1818 has been a big support for us. On the sponsor page you can see a list of our sponsors.

If you would like to sponsor MUNA as well or if you would like to collaborate with MUNA, please contact us via the site.

Background information

Welcome by the Secretary General - MUNA 2017

September 15th 2016

Dear Delegates, Student Officers, MUN-directors and esteemed guests, It is my great honour and privilege, and on behalf of the staff, to welcome you to the 2017 Alfrink Model United Nations Conference in our twelfth year. Last year’s MUNA passed ... Read more

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