Next MUNA conference:
February 6, 7 & 8, 2019
A conference that cares

Welcome by the Secretary General

Esteemed delegates, student officers, MUN-directors and guests,

On behalf of the entire MUNA staff I wish you a warm welcome to the 13th edition of our annual conference. As the preparations for MUNA 2018 are up and running, the countdown to the 20th of February has started. Over the last couple of months, the staff have been working on making this year’s conference the greatest to date. We have received an overwhelming number of applications and are welcoming two new schools this year. We wish our new participations from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan and Skopje, Macedonia a warm welcome to Model United Nations Alfrink.

Our delegates go beyond borders every year – literally and figuratively. MUNA has become an international gathering where students from all across the globe come together to discuss and solve modern-day issues. You, dear delegates, step out of your own comfort zone and re-enact the United Nations. You go beyond your own border to resolve humanity’s greatest problems. You are an example to the rest of the world. Additionally, the well-known artist Beyoncé performed in the General Assembly on World Humanitarian Day 2012 and sang her song “I Was Here”, to convey the message that we can all make a difference in this world. We, as a staff, thought this notion captures the essence of MUNA. Therefore, I am proud to announce “Beyond Borders – I Was Here” as the theme of MUNA 2018.

A powerful example of going beyond borders and making a difference is Yousif from Sudan. Due to a life-threatening conflict he was forced to leave his home country. After an incredible and exhausting journey across the entire globe to seek refuge, he decided to become a human rights activist. Yousif operates in collaboration with The Hague Peace Projects, this year’s MUNA charity. This organisation is the essence of going Beyond Borders. Their fight for human rights truly makes an impact, and we are proud to support them in any possible way.

We encourage you to make a difference too. This is the moment where you, dear delegate, step in. As Beyoncé beautifully worded in her song ‘I Was Here’, “I want to leave my footprints on the sand of time […] leave something to remember, so they won’t forget”.

You can make a change to the world. Express your opinions, voice your thoughts, go beyond your own border to come up with new solutions. Show the world we can come to consensus regardless of where we come from, regardless of our borders.

I aspire to inspire. Show the world you do too. I am looking forward to hearing your voices during the conference.

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Groenink

Secretary-General of MUNA 2018