Welcome to MUNA 2023

Dear Delegates, Student Officers, MUN-Directors, and Guests,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 18th edition of the Model United Nations Alfrink (“MUNA”), which will be held from the 15th to the 17th of February 2023.

Over the past few months, our exceptional staff has been working on the preparations for the conference. After two years of online MUNA due to the global pandemic we are overjoyed to inform you that MUNA 2023 will be held physically at our school in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. When necessary, we will adapt to any government regulations, but we are expecting a fully physical conference. We will let you know if anything changes over the upcoming months.

Embracing differences

We would also like to announce this year’s theme for MUNA: “Embracing Differences”. During the course of MUNA, we aim to highlight and emphasize the importance of embracing our differences. Differences between cultures, religions, ideologies, governments, and individuals. A recurring problem throughout the entire world is people dismissing each other’s views and ideas, simply because they are different from one another. We want not only to accept each other’s differences, but also to embrace and celebrate them, so we can learn from each other and move forward. This theme will be the foundation for all issues discussed by the various committees during MUNA.


If you are new to our conference and you would like to participate, feel free to send me an email or apply through the Join MUNA page. You will then receive all details for registration. Any updates regarding the conference will be send via email. You can also keep up with events leading up to MUNA through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @munalfrink.

Should you have any questions regarding MUNA 2023, do not hesitate to contact me at sgmuna@live.nl. I cannot wait to meet all of you at our conference!

Yours sincerely,

Anna Christians

Secretary-General of MUNA 2023


At MUNA 2022 we will mainly focus on finding new ways to move forward. Despite the fact that the world has had to encounter many difficulties throughout history, eventually, we will all have to face our future, so the best thing we can do is to take action now and change it for the better.


Here is the after movie for MUNA 2020!

MUNAgazine 2023


The MUNAgazine 2023 contains information about the charity, articles about MUNA 2023, meet the staff, important conference information, useful appendices and information about the excursion! Make sure to check it out and read it through to get to know everything about MUNA 2023!

This year, the MUNAgazine is published online.

MUNA Partners

In the last ten years MUNA has worked together with several organisations in preparation for the conference. We are very grateful for the support we have received so far and look forward to continue our collaboration in the coming years.

This years MUNA supports Stop Now and Street Survivors India . The MUNA staff works closely together with the people running the projects. In the coming years we hope to extend our contacts and projects. We will keep you updated about all our activities via our website.

Click here to find more information about our partners and MUNA projects.

A big thank you goes out to our sponsors as well. We can't organize MUNA without their support. On the sponsor page you can see a list of our sponsors.

If you would like to sponsor MUNA as well or if you would like to collaborate with MUNA, please contact us via the site.

MUNA 2023 Photos

Click here to see the photos taken during MUNA 2023!