STAFF 2023


Anna Christians -

Conference Manager 

Suzanne van den Bent -

External Department

Deputy Secretary-General External

Leylan Karadaghy

Registration and Housing Manager

Tjeerd Duursma

Head of Excursion and Transportation

Julia Jed


Financial Department

Head of Finances and Relations

Ishaan Gajadin

Financial Manager

Vincent van Rhoon


Internal Department

Deputy Secretary General Internal

Nishal Manbodh

Head of Admins

Tirsa Roest & Benjamin Vermeer

Head of Catering and Party

Anouk Jansen & Qiara Rooker

Head of Charity

Tara André

Media Department

Head of MUNAgezine, Media and Press Team

Leverne van Wanum

Head of Technics

Merel Schrama & Cady Li


PGA Department

President of the General Assembly

Diya Sewnath


Diego de Campos Cardoso

Head of Special Conference

Roland Minko

Head of Approval Panel

Kaan Uludag & Finn Boele


Pre-MUN department

PRE-MUN manager

Kaan Uludag & Finn Boele


International Relations Department

Head of International Relations

Sarina Louise Jo