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Former guestspeaker arrested. Join the MUNA fight. #Free El Sexto

January 29th 2015

Today MUNA received shocking news that former guestspeaker Danilo Maldonado Machado, better known as El Sexto, is arrested and is awaiting trial in Cuba since 25 December. He is ill and needs urgent medical assistence. He is arrested because he fights for freedom of expression in Cuba. We remember Danilo's ...Read more

MUNA 2014 charity: Thank you letter from the Thai Burma border

December 21st 2014

Last year MUNA supported our friends on the Thai-Burma Border from They asked our help to raise funds to create a community garden for their patient house in Chiang Mai. The garden is important in the recovery process of the patients. Many patients have to stay in the patient ...Read more

Human Rights Defenders from Uganda and Lybia visited Alfrink college on Purple Friday

December 20th 2014

Purple Friday, December 12, LGBT activist Geoffrey Ogwaro and a human rights defender from Lybia spoke to several classes at Alfrink College on this special day. On Purple Friday high school pupils wear something purple to show their solidarity with Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Transsexual young people everywhere in the ...Read more

MUNA workshop in China

November 28th 2014

DSG External 2015 Xiang Li and staffmember Robin Kautz from 5 TVWO, attended an international teacher conference in Beijing last week. Xiang Li delivered a speech before an international audience of teachers about Student Leadership. Xiang explained how projects suchs as MUNA, that are for a very big part organised ...Read more

Alfrink students enjoyed a wonderful LEMUN conference

November 25th 2014

MUNA SG Charlotte van der Werf and MUNA chairs Lars Vlaardingerbroek and Jeffrey Gauri chaired at a great LEMUN conference last weekend. LEMUN is a MUN conference organized by the  Stedelijk Gymnasium in Leiden. Alfrink College attended the LEMUN conference with 21 delegates and three Chairs. We were glad to ...Read more